Stabilizing Hands

Enhancing Lives

What can Tremelo do for you?

Reduces Active Arm Tremor

Tremelo showed to reduce arm tremors by 85-90%. It allowed patients with Essential Tremor to perform daily tasks (eating, pouring, drinking, etc.) with more stable arms and more confidence.


Tremelo is 100% non-invasive. This means no chemicals, no nerve or brain stimulation, and no side effects. Tremelo uses innovative mechanical concepts and mechanisms to reduce tremors in a non-invasive fashion.

No Need to Charge

You will not need to charge Tremelo or purchase batteries. Tremelo relies on mechanical innovation without any needed electricity to operate. You can safely use Tremelo anytime you want and anywhere you want without worry.


Tremelo is lightweight. You can wear it on your arm to perform a variety of activities with ease and comfort. Tremelo stabilizes hands using innovative mechanical mechanisms by which a light weight vibrates within the device. This way we make technology do the work for you, not the weight.

Easy Strap On

Tremelo allows you to easily wear it when you need it. Wearing the strap is as simple as wearing a glove. When ready to perform activities that require stabilization, simply put it on.

“This is just amazing, I could never do that. It’d be spilling everywhere if I had to do it like that”
– Patrick Hallmark

(Patient with Essential Tremor who tried Tremelo)

See more of the Tremelo in action

Tremelo helps reduce tremors in people's hands and arms, allowing them to do their daily activities without much difficulty. Your support will help us tremendously in bringing this effective device closer to many people in need. Please use to donate and/or spread the word. Thank YOU!