wearable anti-tremor device.

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Making Shaky Hands Steady

The Tremelo is an anti-tremor brace that offers people with ET the freedom to enjoy life with steady hands. Essential tremor makes the simplest activities of daily life difficult and frustrating for millions of people. The Tremelo can help.

Tremelo: 3-minute video

How Leo Nguyen’s started work
With a PhD in vibration control, Leo Nguyen started work on the Tremelo at California State University, Fresno while teaching mechanical engineering

How the Tremelo’s technology works
Sets of shifting weights within a brace create forces in the opposing direction of the tremor, cancelling the movement and steadying the hand.

Before / After videos with people with ET
People with moderate to severe essential tremor are able to eat cereal, drink, and pour water spill-free with the help of the Tremelo.

Tremelo Experiences

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Moderate Tremor
Severe Tremor
Severe Tremor
Moderate Tremor
“This is just amazing, I could never do that. It’d be spilling everywhere if I had to do it like that“
– Patrick

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