Tremelo Demo Device Program

For Clinics –

Offer Demo Devices At Your Clinic

The Tremelo device reduces moderate-to-severe tremor in the hands and arms, allowing individuals with essential tremor to perform daily activities with steadier hands.

Our goal is to make the device more accessible to essential tremor patients. Therefore, we launched the Tremelo Demo Device Program, allowing assistive technology clinics, occupational therapists, and others to offer demo devices to their clients.

The Tremelo Demo Device Program will:

  1. Equip clinics with a Tremelo Demo Kit
  2. Educate staff to help clients test the Tremelo to see if the device is right for them
  3. Allow clients to test devices in-person
  4. Give a special discount code to your clients for $200 off the original price


We will provide a bowl, a spoon and glasses.

You simply need to supply cereal and water so your clients can test different movements.

How to Join:

Are you interested featuring Tremelo demo devices at your clinic for clients to try?
Contact us to join the Tremelo Demo Device Program.

For Clients –

Try Tremelo Before You Buy

The Tremelo is now available. Try the Tremelo in-person and see if the device is right for you. Click HERE to learn more about the Tremelo.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some sites require medical insurance, prescription, and a referral from your primary care physician before visiting. Please have all three of these items approved before contacting any sites or scheduling an appointment.

Find A Demo Device Near You

      Want your clinic to feature the Tremelo?

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