Invest in Tremelo

Tremelo is a wearable anti-tremor device. It’s a hand sleeve that mechanically stabilizes the arm. The sleeve has vibration absorption panels fitted around a patient’s wrist, absorbing the energy created by the shaking which helps stabilize the arm. The device does not run on batteries and it does not deliver electric shocks.

Effects of Essential Tremors

Essential Tremor makes the simplest activities of daily life difficult and frustrating for millions of people. The Parkinson’s Foundation estimates that 930,000 people in the United States will be living with the disease by 2020. About 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every year, the foundation says. In California alone, there are 85,100 people with the disease.

Tremelo will enable many of those people with Essential Tremor the ability to safely enjoy their daily activities.

Medication only reduces tremors by 50%, Tremelo reduces them by 85-90%

40% of E.T. patients do not benefit from medication

Number of underserved E.T. patients worldwide

There are 8 E.T. patients for every 1 Parkinsons patient in the world

Invest in the future of Essential Tremor treatment