Device Launch Set for Spring 2019

You Have Made an Impact

Because of your support we have been able to make the Tremelo a reality and the press is taking notice. Last week we were featured on the cover of the Fresno State Magazine and featured in two stories. Next week we are releasing our first public press release.

View our cover story here:

Since the research study closed in September, we redesigned the device with consideration of your input. Now that the Tremelo consistently delivers an 85% reduction in tremor, the device is being finalized as we prepare to take it to the market in Spring 2019.


This Month

We are fine-tuning the prototype for the Tremelo device and completing market research for our release.

To view a video of our latest prototype in action, click here:

We are still looking for more participants with essential tremor for our future studies.
To sign up, go to:


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