Tremelo Testimonials

Our customers want you to know how the Tremelo helped them with Essential Tremor!

All quotes are real and provided by actual customers.

Listen to their experiences. Find your independence.

“Though a touch bulky, the Tremelo gave me a stability I haven’t experienced for months and months.”
Judith Dahlberg
(California, USA)
“The Tremelo has just arrived! My wife has put it “through its paces” and is thrilled with it. As in the documentaries, drinking from a cup, putting a spoonful of cereal to her mouth etc. is no problem. Also, measuring ingredients when cooking is no problem.”
Grahame & Robin Waters
(Western Australia, Australia)
“The biggest thing it helped with was going out to eat at restaurants with the family. My mother didn’t enjoy eating because she couldn’t eat without shaking. Now she enjoys her meals. She’s more independent and can go out in public. It continues to be a good tool for her. The number one thing we all do as humans is sit together to eat and drink so I hope others get it so they can experience this too.”
Joanne Scillia
(New Jersey, USA)
“So far, my Mom loves the Tremelo. She has essential tremor in both hands, but wears it on her right, since she’s right-handed. It works like a charm. ‘I can eat soup!’ she says.”
Ann Zweig
(Kansas, USA)
“One of the hardest things is eating, drinking. This makes it so much easier. I’m not spilling stuff everywhere.”
Patrick Hallmark
(California, USA)
“Just had to let you know that the Tremelo is really helping my husband with his tremor.”
Gladys Haynes
(New Jersey, USA)
“I’ve needed to adjust how I hold things. My thumb continues to have tremors on the arm that I wear the Tremelo. Overall, the Tremelo has been of tremendous help.”
Suzanne Trimmer
(Ohio, USA)
“Thank you… Thank you… Thank you! I received my new Tremelo and love it! It is so helpful in eating and I can even write better. It’s not a cure, but a great tool! Thanks again for all of your help and for providing me with a Tremelo!”
Sharon Woodbury
(Wyoming, USA)