Our Story

“If we can control shaking in machines, why not tremor in hands?” 
– Dr. Leo Nguyen, Founder & CEO


We put innovation at the service of people. We believe innovation is useful to the extent it enhance people’s quality of life. Our goal is to utilize innovation from different disciplines and industries to enable people to live their lives to the utmost potential with Tremelo.


We care about each and every individual. The motive and inspiration behind all what we do is to provide solutions that are tailored to individual needs. When enabling an individual to live more capable and happier, our goal is then achieved. One person at a time, one life at a time, we care to produce a change.


We are stronger together. We believe that it takes a community of passionate innovators, healthcare professionale, and supporters to improve people’s lives. We are continuously inspired by our community and aim at contributing to the welfare and prosperity of our customers.

The History of Tremelo

Dr. Nguyen first had his idea for the Tremelo in 2014.

After two years of product development, the patent for the Tremelo was officially filed in 2016.

The Five Microns corporation was established in 2017.

Five Microns conducted a national research study in 2018 on the potential marketplace for Essential Tremors.

In 2018, Five Microns hit $450,000 raised in investments for development of the Tremelo.

In 2019, the Tremelo reached new heights, reducing tremors in patients with E.T. by up to 85-90%.

The finalized commercial design for Tremelo is set to be completed in October of 2019.

Tremelo is projected to be available in December 2019. Just in time to enjoy the holidays with steady hands.

Meet the Five Microns team

Thế “Leo” Nguyen, PhD

Founder & CEO

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Sreekanth Rudraraju, MSME

Chief Engineer

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Samer Sarofim, PhD

Sales and Marketing Lead

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Board of Advisors

David Higgins

Research board member, Michael J. Fox Foundation

Patrick McCartney

Executive Director, International Essential Tremor Foundation

Mendy Laval

Trustee (Chairman, Finance and Corporate Governance) for 15+ years

Valerie Obenchain

Advisor, American Medical Device Summit; CEO, Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS)

Dr. Peter Lin

Owner of private Movement Disorder clinic in Los Gatos, California

Dr. Rodger Elble

Founding member of the Tremor Research Group, clinical practice at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine