Enjoy daily activities and independence with stable hands

Tremelo is an assistive-technology device that is designed to reduce mild to severe essential tremor in your arms and hands by 85-90%.


Enjoy daily activities and independence with stable hands

Tremelo is an assistive-technology device that is designed to reduce mild to severe essential tremor in your arms and hands by 85-90%.

The Best Device for Essential Tremor

Tremelo is only effective with Essential Tremor, but not Parkinson’s

Your success, safety and comfort are our goals. That is why Tremelo is 100% non-invasive and uses the technology of pure mechanics to counteract essential tremor in your arm or hands.

Arms / Hands

Tremelo showed to reduce arm tremor by 85-90%. It allowed patients with essential tremor to perform daily tasks with more stable arms and confidence.


Tremelo is an FDA Class 1 device that is 100% non-invasive. This means no chemicals, no nerve or brain stimulation and no side effects.

No Electricity

Tremelo relies on mechanical innovation without any electricity to operate. Safely use Tremelo any time you want and anywhere without worry.

Easy Slip On

Tremelo only requires one hand operation to put on and use. This allows easy slip on and off your arm/hand using one hand. Simply wear it when you need it.

Tremelo Features

1. Vibration Absorbers

Cancel tremor with innovative vibration technology

2. No Electricity

No Batteries

3. Easy Slip-On

Simply slip on when you need it

4. Central Knob

One hand operation to click in place

5. Tuned Mass Damper

Proven technology in industries, including stabilizing skyscrapers and bridges during earthquakes and high winds.”

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Tremelo Testimonials

Our customers want you to know their experience!
"One of the hardest things is eating, drinking. This makes it so much easier. I’m not spilling stuff everywhere."
Patrick Hallmark
Hallmark suffers from Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease, but has recently been helped by Tremelo.
“Though a touch bulky, the Tremelo gave me a stability I haven’t experienced for months and months.”
Judith Dahlberg (California, USA)
graham (1)
“Just had to let you know that the Tremelo is really helping my husband with his tremor.”
Gladys Haynes (New Jersey, USA)
“The Tremelo has just arrived! My wife has put it “through its paces” and is thrilled with it. As in the documentaries, drinking from a cup, putting a spoonful of cereal to her mouth etc. is no problem. Also, measuring ingredients when cooking is no problem.”
Grahame & Robin Waters (Western Australia, Australia)
“So far, my Mom loves the Tremelo. She has essential tremor in both hands, but wears it on her right, since she’s right-handed. It works like a charm. ‘I can eat soup!’ she says.”
Ann Zweig (Kansas, USA)

How Tremelo Works

Tremelo uses Tuned Mass Damper technology to mechanically stabilize tremors. Simply, the wearable sleeve uses a built-in small mass that shakes back and forth against the tremor motion. Tremelo uses the principle of energy absorption — normally found to steady planes, bridges and tall buildings — to counteract the shaking in hands.

Tremelo Instructions and Care

Watch this video to learn how to wear and wash Tremelo with simple steps.

See If The Tremelo is Right For You

Proudly serve many veterans and help improve their quality of life. If you suffer from action tremors, Tremelo may be the solution for your steady hands.

Sreekanth Rudraraju, MSME

Chief Engineer
Sreekanth brings a strong knowledge of design and manufacturing to the team from his experience developing surveillance systems and devices for Electronics Corporation of India Limited. Originally from Hyderabad, India, Sreekanth decided to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in California, where he met Dr. Nguyen and joined his project to create a tremor-reducing device.

Dr. Leo Nguyen

CEO & President

Dr. Nguyen is an associate professor of mechanical engineering at California State University, Fresno. Vibration control and advanced system design are his specialties, and Five Microns developed out of his research on using vibration control techniques to steady a person’s arm. He finds the complexity of the human body fascinating and is passionate about improving human life through his work as an engineer. Dr. Nguyen obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toledo, Ohio after completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Oklahoma.