National Essential Tremor Awareness Month

In honor of YOU, the Tremelo is now $949.00 USD

Get ahead to embrace your independence and stable hands with the Tremelo.

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Why Use Tremelo?

Tremelo is only effective with Essential Tremor, but not Parkinson’s

Tremelo is an assistive-technology device that is designed to reduce essential tremor in your arms and hands by 85-90%. 

Your success, safety and comfort are our goals. That is why Tremelo is 100% non-invasive and uses the technology of pure mechanics to counteract essential tremor.

One of the hardest things is eating, drinking. This makes it so much easier. I’m not spilling stuff everywhere.

Patrick Hallmark

Hallmark suffers from Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease, but has recently been helped by Tremelo.

30-Day Return Hassle-Free

Full Refund 

How Tremelo Works

Tremelo uses Tuned Mass Damper technology to mechanically stabilize tremors. Simply, the wearable sleeve uses a built-in small mass that shakes back and forth against the tremor motion. Tremelo uses the principle of energy absorption — normally found to steady planes, bridges and tall buildings — to counteract the shaking in hands.


Watch this video to learn how to wear and wash Tremelo with simple steps. Click Here